The recipe of a Glutenfree Summer


You may have heard recently about this “’gluten free topic, but you’re not sure what is it all about?

Let me introduce you to the universe of a student in her 20’s – Roxana – that out of a sudden discovers she’s a celiac, which means no more gluten in her life. Simply said, every pastry, pasta, pizza in the world is forbidden to her in order to be healthy again. Challenging, isn’t it? Luckily, she gets informed fast enough and decides to adapt her lifestyle in order to strike-through her new needs. This means that most of her lunches or snacks, would be prepared only at home, she gives up to restaurant’s dinners and she starts a blog to spread the word about the things she learns while living gluten free in Romania.

There is only one idea that she can’t get used with: travelling the world without tasting locals food. She once dreamed on how she will follow Elizabeth Gilbert‘s trail from Eat.Pray.Love book, but Italy sounded like a forbidden land. Stick to your dreams, they say, because you never know what might happen. True that, as Schär came up with this contest, based on votes, where you can be selected as their reporter to travel through Italy. What can be more exciting than to travel and share your experiences with your gluten free community? Roxana’s passion for discovering the world explains her studies in tourism and geography and those in digital marketing, the interest in telling the world through the newest methods about them. Let’s see what was her specific motivation:

Roxana: As a guide in Bucharest, I see at my guests the need to be well informed about local’s tips and tricks and it was so easy for me to imagine how cool would be for the gluten free community to find out where they can travel again safely. Especially as the destination is Italy, the land of the products they could no longer enjoy. I remember the time when I arrived in Naples right after I discovered my issue with gluten and how impressed I was when at some of the restaurants they were very well informed about my needs and served me right. Thus, I truly believe that spreading the information about gluten free facilities around the world to the celiac community, their lives (and holidays) will improve.

To celebrate her application to the project, Roxana thought to share a special pasta recipe with you:

Start with a free Wednesday lunch break, plus a friend that will support your idea and share stories about Italy with you. Add 1 spoon of dreaming at Italy’s best traveling places and 2 cups of excitement when thinking of all the gluten free pasta you will try. Then boil a hand of real gluten free pasta from your stock and cook everything else left in the fridge: tomatoes, garlic, basil, asparagus.

We will add: Serve it while hot and go get some votes to actually taste the true and real kind of pasta recipes that exist in this world.

If you want to hear about Schär’s gluten free specialties all around Italy, please support Roxana with a vote. 

Many thanks in advance!



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